Jersey City  New Jersey

This month's meetup:

Friday, November 16: Hacksgiving
WHEALTH at Journal Square

For more detailed information, see the post on our Medium.

Come down to DEFCON 201 where we will have some cool WebSec centric lightning talks, a Hacksgiving homemade potluck and planning out chaotic-good projects to launch in early 2019!


7:00PM - 8:00PM: Intro: Meet & Greet + GPG Keysigning  | DEFCON 201 members

Chat amongst friends, coordinate your public key portfolio, add cards to your Rolodex™, and warm up for the talks!

8:00PM - 8:30PM: Talk: An In-Depth Look At the Domain Name System; the Yellow Pages of the Internet  | NCommander

[Pending description]

8:30PM - 8:40PM: Talk: Password “Alternatives”: Causing More Problems Than They Solve  | Sidepocket

[Pending description.]

8:40PM - 8:50PM: Show & Tell: Hacksgiving Potluck  | Open participation

Bring in tasty food!

8:50PM - 9:55PM: Workshops: November 2018  | Open participation

Workshops today are: Hackgiving Potluck Sampling

9:30PM - 9:55PM: Project: DEFCON 201 Video Filming  | GI Jack, Sidepocket, Xio

DEFCON 201 is going to be filming a short, public intro-duck-chin to what we are, as a DEFCON Group, and how we contribute to the local community, as well as the global hacker conspiracy broader mission and spirit of hacking.

9:55PM - 10:00PM: Wrap-Up: Official end of meeting  | Good night!

Past meetings:

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