Welcome to DEFCON 201! We are a subset of DEFCON GROUPS based after the biggest hacker convention in the Unite States, DEFCON, in the North Eastern Section of New Jersey. Come to our regular meeting every third Friday of the month to work on projects, show off technological research and socialize with local New Jersey hackers! To the left of this image are various sub-sections that link to further details about our organization. Below this image is the information for our next meet up, we hope to see you soon!
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Below contains details about this month's meet up.

::FRIDAY -- JUNE 15th::

7:00pm — 7:52pm

 Meet & Greet & DEFCON 201 One Year Anniversary Party
7:52pm —  8:00pm
 DEFCON 201: Introduction and Circle of HOPE Annoucements — Sidepocket & GI Jack
8:00pm —  8:50pm
 TBA TALK - Alex
8:50pm —  9:55pm
 Open Workshops + Projects
9:55pm —  10:00pm
This month's meet up will be located at WHEALTH & Co Cafe in Jersey City New Jersey. It on the same block as the Journal Square PATH Station which contains NJ Transit Bus and PATH Trains with links to the Hudson Bergen Lightrail, Waterpath NY and other ways to commute. There is a OpenStreetMap image of the location to the right and the exact address is:

WHEALTH & CO CAFE (615 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City, NJ)
615 Pavonia Ave Jersey City next to the Journal Square PATH Station. Click on this image will load Open Street Maps to find your way to this location.

Call For Papers for Workshop and Lightning Talks are OPEN!

Have a question about us or have a cool project you would like to share? You can email us at info at defcon 2 0 1 dot org! Below is a list of links to our various Social Medi portals!

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DEFCON 201 is a subset of DEFCON GROUPS a part of core DEFCON Confrences. This website was made on a work station running Manjaro using Blue Griffon. DEFCON 201 Logo designed by Sidepocket and remastered by 1dark1.